The AE Minecraft server is a place for people to hang out, build, make friends and have fun. As such, every member of the community that is our server is asked to abide by a set of community agreements that makes the server an awesome place for all.

Here's the list of our current Community Agreements. New ones may be added as needed.

By participating as a community member on our server, I agree to...

Respect Everyone. This includes: Players, Moderators and all staff members. Respect simply means treating people with common decency, courtesy, as as you would want someone to treat you. If someone asks you to stop doing something (like for example you are in their house and they ask you to leave), please do so.

Lift up others. Compliment, give advice, and encourage new players. Making fun of someone for an aspect of themselves (their weight, religion, sexual preference, etc) isn't what this community stands for.

Keep the chat clean. Participating in Minecraft chat is an experience we'd all like to enjoy. We'd prefer if you didn't advertise, repeat messages over and over (aka spam) or curse in this community.

Be authentic to myself. There's no need to act like anyone else or pretend to be someone you aren't. You are most awesome when you are yourself, so please don't try to act like another player, impersonate their name or appearance, or attempt to disguise who you are. 

Focus on having fun, not making money. Our community is a place to relax, have fun, and unwind. We respectfully ask that you don't advertise other servers, youtube channels, games, etc. There is a time and a place for that, and we'd like to keep our server as a space free from those distractions.

Honor the power of language. Language is a very powerful tool. It can build people up, or tear them down. As a member of our community, please don't use language to insult, demean, or belittle others.

Honor the rules of Minecraft. Everyone comes to our server to have a good time. Those that attempt to break the game, whether through a hacked client, cheat codes, or other means, lessen the good time had by all and will be asked to leave.

Respect the consent of others. Very simply put, ask for permission before messing with someone elses stuff. Stop if you are requested to stop. (Some may call this griefing).

Keep the waters clear. We've all felt extremely stressed from bullies and other nasty people. This community is a place to relax and enjoy the company of others, not a place to instigate feelings or anger, frustration or shame (some may call this trolling).

Players that show, through their actions, that they no longer agree to the community agreements will be given some time to get to an emotionally calm place and given the right resources to make sure this community maintains itself as a safe, fun place to play.